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Welcome Aboard!       Brain Tumour Ahoy Inc provides a safe harbor to drop anchor.   A unique charity founded by a person who has a brain tumour for people who have brain tumours. Our Mission To provide online support for any one who has been affected by brain tumours. Whether you are a patient, carer, friend or family member. To provide information & awareness for high & low grade brain tumours. To spread HOPE through positivity & humour. Not only does Brain Tumour Ahoy Inc fundraise for research into a cure, we realise people who are affected by brain tumours need vital support, information, guidance & connectivity to the brain tumour community while they are going through their journey. You can find us on:
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Brain Tumour Ahoy Incorporated  is now a registered charity!  Donations over $2.00 are fully tax  deductible and 100% goes to Brain  Tumour Ahoy Incorporated.  Meet our new  Ambassador  Associate Professor  Kate Drummond,  Neurosurgeon at  Royal Melbourne Hospital NEWS Home